The boldest first picture of the year 2020 has been revealed. She is the witch of the TV show Nazar. Let us tell you that Monalisa started her journey from Bhojpuri TV industry. She then became a part of Big Boss. From there, he has made his mark in the world of television as a witch. Monalisa has also garnered buzz for her style and glamor.

Monalisa keeps posting many pictures on her Instagram day, this time too, Monalisa has shared her boldest picture so far, where she looks very sexy and bold in bikini.

Monalisa sometimes gets a discussion in desi style and sometimes in foreign style. Monalisa has already shown her style in saree. But she is seen quite a lot in foreign style these days.

Its clear view can be seen from their Instagram. Where she comes, she keeps sharing many photos back to back for her fans. This time too, he has shared some special pictures of his vacation and new year.

The role of Dion is being well liked in the role of Dion in Monalisa TV So Nazar.

live-in relationship

Talking about Monalisa’s past, her life has been disputed. For example, his live-in relationship with Madan, who was several years older than him, made a lot of headlines.

Trending towards Bhojpuri cinema

Along with Madan, Monalisa came to Mumbai from Kolkata where she acted in a few B-grade films and then moved to Bhojpuri cinema.

Bhojpuri has worked in films

Monalisa and Vikrant have worked in many Bhojpuri films like ‘Saiya Stormani’, ‘Meharrau Bina Ratia Kaise Kati’, ‘Prem Leela’.

Has made his presence in the heart

The focus of both of these is on Bollywood at the moment. But she has made her presence in the hearts of viewers through TV.


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