Bigg Boss 13: This superstar left the show, will enter with X-husband after domestic violence!


Many updates are coming out on the day of Big Boss 13. Recently it was reported that many stars have refused to be part of the show due to high fees. But meanwhile the TV hit actress has distanced herself from her hit show to be a part of the show. According to Spotboy’s report, Daljeet Kaur has left her TV show Guddan Tum Na Na Hoga. According to the report, Daljit is planning to go to TV’s most controversial Big Boss 13.

Because of this, he has distanced himself from the show to prepare for Big Boss before the show starts. According to the report, Daljit has told the decision to the makers. Because of this, the makers are looking for another actress to play Daljit’s character Antara.

Big Boss 13 work on fitness

The report further states that Daljit is working on the show notice period. Big Bass is working on his fitness for 13. Daljeet is included in TV’s fitted actresses anyway.

As x couple

Also, the makers have started looking for new Actes to replace Daljeet. Daljit has not said anything officially on this whole matter. It has also been reported that Daljeet has been approached for the show as an ex-couple. Where Daljit and her ex-husband Shaleen Bhanot have been called for the show.

Alone or with Shaleen

However, so far no information has been received from Daljit in this regard. It will be interesting to see whether Daljeet enters the show alone or with her ex-husband Shaleen

Western outfits

Let me tell you that she is the only one handling her son. In TV shows, Daljeet is seen wearing only a sari but in real life, he is seen most often in Western outfits.

Official divers 2015

Diljit Kaur and Shaleen Bhanot were officially married in 2015. Diljit had cited the reason for the diversion as domestic violence, daori and haresment.


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