The director scratched my hand, he wanted to sleep with me, the actress revealed.


The Bollywood actress keeps sharing her experience with the casting couch. The Me Too campaign may have calmed down. But there are still many cases related to casting couch.

The new name Eli Avram has now been added to this list. Eli has seen the Kapil Sharma Show and many films with Aap Big Bose. These days she is appearing in the lead role in the web series ‘The State vs Nanavati’.

In such an interview, Eli Avram shared the story of his early days in Bollywood in an interview given to a website. He told how he faced a casting couch on the first stage of his career.

Sweetheart you can never be an actress

Eli told that I was told that there is a need to lose weight. Commenting on my body, some people said that I am small. I was also spoken to about my forehead and teeth. Not only this, a girl attached to Bollywood had said that Sweetheart you can never become an actress because you are small.

Aunt long hair

Ellie revealed that I decided to never listen to her. After living in India for only two months, I realized that I could never get it. Many people thought that I look like an aunt because of my long hair.

Pressured to hurt

Speaking on the casting couch, Eli Avram said that I had gone to some meetings. I met two directors there who shook hands with me. Then pressed my hand in such a way that even a slight injury occurred in my hand.

He wants to sleep with me ..

After that meeting with the directors, I was surprised when I asked a friend about it. He told me oh no, did he? Do you know what that means? I do not know what that means. My friend said that pressing hands means that he wants to sleep with me.

To see body

Let me tell you that Surveen Chawla has revealed the casting couch before Ellie. Surveen revealed that a director was asking me to take her with her for Reiki. He said that we have a language problem. So that he can see my body. I left this film.


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