Arun Vijay and Magizh Thirumeni conveyed the profoundly evaluated activity spine chiller ‘Thadaiyara Thakka’ and are back with a homicide secret with mental turns that is not quite the same as the ordinary admission in Tamil film. Regardless of whether the film establishes a solid connection with the watchers is not yet clear.

Ezhil (Arun Vijay) is a respectable development businessperson in affection with a young lady Deepika (Tanya Hope) who works in his structure. His copy Kavin (Arun Vijay in a double job) is a criminal and a card shark who is consistently vigilant to profit alongside his sidekick Surali (Yogi Babu). Anandi (debutante Meera) a guiltless young lady is infatuated with Kavin however he utilizes her just to separate cash. A youngster Akash is killed by one of the two men and the controller (FEFSI) Vijayan who has an old score to settle with Ezhil plans to nail the homicide to him without an examination. Be that as it may, Kavin too arrives up in the jail causing an extraordinary cerebral pain for the monitor and the sub-reviewer Malar (Vidya Pradeep). A waiting game beginnings as the two men attempt to get each other into a snare while the police are confused and who the homicide injured individual is and who executed him is replied in a sudden peak.

Arun Vijay sparkles in the double jobs as Kavin and Ezhil and since they are indistinguishable he has placed in a great deal of endeavors to separate the characters with minute idiosyncrasies. Arun is a livewire in the activity grouping that too in one in which his two characters tear separated each other that is bolting to watch. The two love interests for each Arun Vijay are played by newcomers Tanya Hope and Meera and both intrigue in the little screen time they get. Vidya Pradeep has a substantial job as the direct sub-monitor of police who seeks after the case and gives a decent record of herself. Sonia Agarwal, Yogi Babu (in a genuine job), FEFSI Vijayan, George and Meera Krishnan are the known faces who do equity to their jobs.

What works best in ‘Thadam’ is the whole second half which keeps the crowds intrigued with numerous exciting bends in the road prompting an acceptable peak. The back story for the Arun Vijays is very persuading loaning a mental edge to the characters. A great deal of research has gone into getting the legalities and the fundamental subject of the film right.

On the drawback business components like the bar melody, the two part harmonies and over courage in the police headquarters successions deface the film’s endeavor to appear as something else. The principal half just wanders on and it requires some investment for the genuine story to start. The purpose behind FEFSI Vijayan to deliver retribution on Arun Vijay and Tanya Hope’s destiny are not persuading thinking about that the whole screenplay wrests on these two components. Vidya Pradeep’s constitution and her assignment don’t coordinate the development that is given to her character.

Arunraj’s melodies don’t have review esteem while his experience score is in a state of harmony with the riddle classification. Shakti Saravanan has lit the film in dull shades to set up the mind-set well while N.B. Srikanth has attempted his best to pass on the confounding story through his alters. Magizh Thirumeni has picked a novel subject and storyline and has prevailing with regards to keeping the tension alive. It would have been a greatly improved excursion for him had he discarded the business fixings and rather attempted a crude methodology.


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