Rashmi Desai’s game plan of Big Boss 13 and her fight with Siddharth Shukla is the first time her mother reacted. Earlier, Rashmi Desai’s brother came in front of the media and supported her sister.

But now for the first time Rashmi Desai’s mother has supported Rashmi. This whole matter is related to the past weekend, Siddharth had commented on Rashmi and said that she came after me to Goa.

After this, there was a discussion about why Rashmi had gone to Goa after Siddharth. On this, Mahira’s mother has commented that Rashmi’s mother has become infuriated.

It will not take time to reach the bedroom.

Mahira’s mother Sania Sharma spoke to Siddharth’s Goa revelations over a telecounter. He said that Rashmi must have thought that if Siddharth has reached Goa then it will not take time to reach the bedroom. Because of this, she must have fallen silent in front of Siddharth.

Rashmi’s mother Rasila Desai has given her reaction on this. In a conversation with Pinkvilla, she has said that as a woman how can she speak about another woman. They should not have said that. Hearing this, my blood boiled.

I don’t let my angel go

On Rashmi’s decision to go to Big Boss, she said that Rashmi did not take permission from me before saying yes to Big Boss. If I had known, I would never have let my angel go.

Stay away from siddharth shukla

She further says that she should stay away from Siddharth Shukla only. However, there has not been any reaction from his mother regarding the relationship with Arhan yet. However, according to reports, Rashmi’s relationship with Arhan is not happy with her mother.

Taking a stand

On Rashmi’s game plan, her brother Gaurav said that I have seen her taking a stand for herself at home but she gets lost somewhere. She can do a lot, fight alone under any circumstances.

Our prayers are with them

On Arhan’s marriage and son, Gaurav says that I am also surprised to know that I did not know anything about these things. We are all very upset by this. He is currently inside the house and our prayers are with him.


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