‘Killer’, featuring Vijay Antony, Arjun Sarja and Ashima Narwal, hit the screens this Friday. Here is our audit of the wrongdoing and analytical spine chiller.

Killer Telugu Full Movie Story

The film opens with the obscured picture of a man killing a young lady (Ashima Narwal) by cutting her throat. Minutes after the fact, the body of a burned man is found and Prabhakar (Vijay Antony) gives up to the police.

The flashback demonstrates that Prabhakar and Jayanthi (Ashima Narwal) are neighbors and he is stalking her. A sharp-witted cop named Karthik (Arjun) begins examining and suspects that Jayanthi and her mom (played by Seetha) more likely than not submitted the homicide.

Are the two ladies liable? What is the association among them and Prabhakar? What’s more, is Prabhakar an unfeeling psychopathic killer or something past is the thing that ‘Executioner’ is about.

Killer Telugu Full Movie Review

Chief Andrew Louis has taken motivation from the Japanese tale ‘The Devotion of Suspect X’ for the film. How about we discover what functions and what doesn’t.

‘Killer’ organizes its first demonstration in an absolutely boundless way. We are acquainted with a great deal of components that don’t bode well when seen independently. A homicide on the shoreline, an examination that goes no place, the schizophrenia point to the lead character, et cetera, welcome the group of spectators to consider every option.

Spine chillers can be in all respects rationally strenuous to watch. ‘Executioner’ falls in this class mostly in light of the manner in which the primary demonstration plays out. There ought to have been some compensatory excitement through exciting scenes following this.

The real disclosure comes in the peak, which is anticipated from a spine chiller. In any case, the long monologs of various characters in this fragment make everything feel dry and even single-note.

The component of fantasy ought to have been described with innovativeness. The unhappiness of Vijay Antony’s character comes fixed after a point absolutely along these lines, and furthermore in light of the practically dull condition. The not really satisfying two part harmonies just compound this.

Arjun’s character becomes more acquainted with who Prabhakar is at the midway imprint and it seems as though he doesn’t start acting responsibly even after this pivotal piece of information is known.

Excepting the monologs, however, the most recent 25 minutes are holding enough. Exertion ought to have been made to make the characters played by Ashima and Seetha feel sorry for inspiring.

Vijay Antony by and by conveys a sincere presentation without depending on standard legend’s showy behavior. There is a turn to his characterisation. Arjun is taking care of business, carrying poise to the cop’s job. Others are just about OK.

Simon K King’s signature music is now a hit and it is utilized in various organizations all through the film to strong impact. The tunes, notwithstanding, are improperly put. Mukesh’s cinematography is another enormous besides, passing on the strained minutes. Richard Kevin could have hurried the pace as the not exactly the 190-minute runtime isn’t as fresh as it ought to be.


‘Killer’ gets its pre-peak and peak successions okay. The storyline, exhibitions, the BGM and the cinematography are its benefits. Then again, tedious portrayal in the primary half, monologs, and a small amount of a deceptive screenplay are its drawbacks.


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