Jersey Telugu Full Movie Review


Release date : April 19, 2019

 Rating : 3.5/5

Starring : Nani , Shraddha Srinath, Sathyaraj, Rao Ramesh

Director : Gautam Tinnanuri

Producers : Suryadevara Naga Vamsi

Music Director : Anirudh Ravichander

Cinematographer : Sanu Varghese

Editor : Navin Nooli

It’s the period of games films in southern film and the achievement of ongoing movies, for example, Kanaa, Natpe Thunai and Majili is confirmation to the fame of the class. Whenever done right, sports dramatizations can be both moving and moving and there can’t be a superior model than Nani starrer Jersey, which is really a remunerating story of triumph and self-disclosure.

Despite the fact that it seems to be a commonplace story of dreams and disappointment set against a games scenery, it goes past investigating the typical tropes that are for the most part connected with such films.

Jersey, which transcendently unfurls somewhere in the range of 1986 and 1996, spins around an arrogant ex-Ranji cricketer Arjun (Nani), who is without a doubt the best player of his time. Sarah (Shraddha) is frantically enamored with Arjun and she weds him against her dad’s desires.

At the pinnacle of his vocation when he’s expected to be chosen for the Indian group, Arjun chooses to stop cricket subsequent to being let somewhere around legislative issues in the determination board of trustees. Reality hits him hard and he’s never again the egotistical Arjun he used to be as he reminds himself he has a spouse and child to take care of. 10 years after he’s said goodbye to cricket, he starts playing by and by to substantiate himself at 36 for his child.

Jersey is both an equipped games dramatization and a moving story of a dad and child. This isn’t the narrative of a saint; this is one of a dad who wouldn’t like to baffle his child, of a spouse who needs to at long last bring a beam of expectation into his significant other’s life and of a cricketer who needs to satisfy his mentor’s long-term wish. This is the example of overcoming adversity of a man who has seen more disappointments and continually been beaten by life however will not surrender.

As of late, no other producer has made a games film without hardly lifting a finger and conviction, and Gowtam makes a solid imprint with this account of a slowpoke. Jersey adapts a games star and demonstrates to us how his disappointments can influence the individuals near him. Rather than making this an account of magnificence and achievement, Gowtam makes this a story of recovery and self-disclosure.

Nani hits all the correct notes in his depiction of a previous cricketer and a dad in Jersey.

Nani is staggering as Arjun and he hasn’t looked so agreeable in job in some time. As Arjun, it’s incredibly hard to see Nani in the job and that is most likely the greatest accomplishment of Jersey, which likewise includes Shraddha Srinath in a crucial job. As the blame ridden couple attempting to keep their marriage above water, it’s through her unspeakable words Sarah puts her confidence in Arjun and the scenes between them are so reviving.

There are scenes where we see them living under a similar rooftop and not bantering but rather one can even now detect the affection they have for one another. The ever dependable Sathyaraj as the mentor sparkles in one more job which he can even play in his rest.

Arjun’s association with his child is the thing that truly makes Jersey an inspiring dad child holding dramatization. It’s their relationship that truly drives the story forward. It is through the child’s eyes, we see Arjun without making a decision about him. A portion of the film’s best minutes are among Arjun and his child.

Jersey figures out how to exhibit the cricket match-ups as convincingly as could reasonably be expected. The exertion that has gone into getting prepared for his character is very noticeable in Nani’s exhibition. From the stands to the shots and the finish, Nani gets the non-verbal communication of a batsman right and is a treat to watch while playing.


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