Ranu Mandal is very much in discussion these days. The reason is not their song, but the contrast. A few days ago Ranu Mandal refused to take a selfie with his fans. After which Ranu Mandal was criticized from social media to newspapers.

She trolled more than her popularity gained from her song. But now it seems that Himesh Reshammiya is also trying to get away from him.

Himesh Reshammiya, who gave a break to Ranu Mandal in Bollywood, expressed his anger as soon as he heard Ranu’s name and gave a reply that shocked everyone. Let us know what Ranu Mandal has said.

On hearing the name of Ranu Mandal

Recently Himesh Reshammiya reached this event. When he was asked questions about Ranu Mandal here, he appeared to ignore it. Let us know that Himesh Reshammiya arrived in Mumbai to give a live performance in this event.

I am not their manager. What you to me

After his performance was over, the media spoke to Himesh Reshammiya. Himesh was asked about Ranu Mandal. Himesh clearly stated that I am not his manager. Whatever you are asking me about them.

I gave a chance to many singers

Himesh clarified himself on this statement and said that I have given a break to many singers, not just Ranu Mandal. I have given break to many singers like Darshan Rawal, Shannon, Palak Muchhal.

I will talk to them

On behalf of the media, Himesh was again asked if you would take Ranu in any other song, Himesh reacted saying that his song is good and he will definitely talk to other music directors and producers for Ranu. So that they get a chance to sing. His voice is good.

This is a given fee

You will be shocked to know the amount that Himesh has given to Ranu to sing Teri Meri Kahaani. It is reported that Ranu has been paid a fee of 6 to 7 lakhs for his next film Happy Hordin and Heer Song.

This is behind ranu

All credit goes to Yatindra Chakraborty for bringing Ranu’s life to this point. He recorded the video of Ranu singing a song at Ranaghat station in West Bengal. The video became so viral that the campaign started for Ranu. The power of social media has given a new life to Ranu.


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