Amutha(Sanchana Natrajan) lives alone in her home on a forlorn road. Somebody is watching her. From a separation. The culprit breaks into her home, ties her up and wraps her face with a plastic spread. She kicks the bucket a deplorable passing. Guillotined and body set ablaze. This presentation grouping clarifies the power of Ashwin Saravanan’s Game Over.

In the mean time, Swapna (a splendid Taapsee Pannu) is a blossoming computer game fashioner with a dim past. Her past incites such a great amount of injury into her that she gets alarm assaults when she is in a dim room. As she is making a course for recuperation, she is impeded by flashes of her dull recollections which push her to injure herself.

This episode starts a domino impact in Swapna’s life, which at last leads her to reveal reality with regards to Amutha’s life and hers.

Chief Ashwin Saravanan and essayist Kavya treat Game Over like a computer game. They offer different lives (read: likely circumstances) to their hero. Game Over is a well-made, layered film, which addresses a ton of reasonable issues. With power-stuffed exhibitions from Taapsee and Vinodhini Vaidyanathan, the film is trippy and drawing in till the last casing.

The screenplay, wrote by Ashwin and Kavya, is the saint of the film. It utilizes the ‘computer game’ topic without limit. From various lives to catalysts, one can identify with the film effectively. Swapna’s room is loaded up with tapes and computer game related notices. One specific post peruses, “Life is a computer game and a sensation that this has happened before are simply check focuses.” This specific publication characterizes the whole film.

Taapsee Pannu slips into the job of the discouraged Swapna easily. From communicating her injury to finding her boldness, her looks are on point. Her lip-synchronize is practically great, and naming craftsman Deepa Venkat works admirably with her profound voice.

Ashwin Saravanan has managed numerous social issues that are tormenting the whole nation. Up until this point, films have constantly depicted touchy ailments in an off-base light. However, Ashwin gives it an idealistic point of view, making us take a gander at life in an increasingly positive manner.

Alongside a few jumpscare minutes, he joins paranormal and frightfulness components, which make Game Over a splendid watch. On the off chance that you pass by the trailer, Game Over appears to be a home intrusion spine chiller. Be that as it may, the film is substantially more than that.

Vinodhini Vadiyanathan as Kala Amma, a house aide and an ethical help to Swapna, is impeccable in her job. Her characteristic pizazz for acting causes her dive into the character.

Vinoth’s unsteady camerawork adds greater power to the homicide scenes. Ron Yohan Ethan’s music raises the film to another level, so does the sound plan.

Generally speaking, Game Over is a wise film that uses the computer game idea in a shrewd way. Much the same as in computer games… the game isn’t over until every one of the lives are lost. It’s not so much over until it’s finished.

Taapsee Pannu’s Game Over is a multi-layered and idea situated film that has its heart at the perfect spot. With a screenplay that offers numerous rushes, Game Over is an absolute necessity watch this late spring.


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