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Evaru Telugu Full Movie Story:

When a high-positioning cop is executed by his supposed assault unfortunate casualty, Sub-reviewer Vikram Vasudev is endowed with exploring what appears to be a simple situation. In any case, as he dives further, Vikram finds the case spiraling into a dull story loaded up with sudden amazements.

Evaru Telugu Full Movie Review:

After viewing Evaru, all inquiries will be replied, Adivi Sesh let us know in an intverview. Also, sure enough, while Evaru poses a lot of inquiries, it gives a reverberating answer – that the film is to be sure roused by Spanish film, The Invisible Guest. Why the producers held that under a wraps stays a puzzle, however Evaru is a spine chiller that keeps you snared ideal till the end.

Sameera (Regina Cassandra) is blamed for killing a cop who assaults her. Her attorney (Vinay Varma) procures a degenerate cop, Vikram (Adivi Sesh) to help break the argument and safeguard Sameera against the arraignment legal counselor who has the whole office on his side. Be that as it may, an old case dealt with by Vikram enters the plot, causing things to appear to be more muddled than they really are.

Depend on it, it is difficult to draw off a spine chiller of this sort and keep the watchers stuck and speculating, particularly given how a type like this isn’t investigated much in Telugu film, and for that Venkat Ramji merits credit. While the movie producer rolls out a couple of improvements to the first, he manages to keep the tension effect appropriate till the end.

Be that as it may, while the creators figure out how to come to an obvious conclusion regarding each curve and turn, there’s something out of order in a portion of the subplots, and it feels like the association isn’t consistent. In attempting to isolate itself from the first, Ramji unnecessarily makes a subplot and the film tangles itself up. One wonders why the first plot was tinkered with.

The film, in any case, is lifted by Adivi Sesh who conveys a splendid presentation. Naveen Chandra, as well, places in a strong exhibition. As the lead character, Regina could’ve been a touch better and doesn’t generally pass on the effect that her character needs.

Evaru is holding profoundly and has some better than average specialized qualities, yet the film does lets itself down on occasion with holes in the portrayal. An extra subplot makes it all the more confounding and doesn’t really work, however it’s a sincere endeavor from Venkat Ramji for his presentation film. On the off chance that you’ve seen the Invisible Guest or the Hindi film Badla, you’d turn out inclination marginally disappointed. However, in the event that you watch Evaru with a receptive outlook, it’ll wind up astounding you.

Evaru Telugu Full Movie Details

Release date16 August 2019 (India)
CinematographyVamsi Patchipulusu


Evaru Telugu Movie Songs

Song Play Singer
Ennenno Play Chinmayi Sripada
Edhemaina Play Poojan Kohli



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