Bigg Boss 13 is heading towards the finale. On February 15, there will be the grand finale of the country’s biggest reality show. The makers have started preparations for the finale. Before the finale, contestants will have to face many difficult challenges in Big Boss.

Excited Fans for Journey Episodes

Before the grand finale, Bigg Boss shows the contestants their journey. In Bigg Boss, the journey of contestants to reach the finale is very emotional. The fans are also very excited to watch. The two contestants have contributed the most in making Season 13 a superhit. Siddharth Shukla and Shahnaz Gill are talking here. Because of these two, the show has rocked the TRP.

In such a situation, the video of these two should also be very special. Makers are also in the same planning to show Sidnaz’s journey very special. There are reports on the fanclub that the makers have started working on the Journey videos of Siddharth, Aseem and Shehnaz.

Sidnaaz’s journey will be different from the rest of the contestants

The most important thing is that Siddharth and Shahnaz’s journeys are going to be the longest. The source told that the journey of Sidnaz will be the longest in the history of Bigg Boss. Her journey will be of more than 20 minutes. This has never happened in any season. With this, season 13 has made another new record in its name. Surely, fans of Sidnaz will be very happy knowing this good news.


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