Bigg Boss 13 day 1 live written: Amisha Patel’s big twist, fierce fight on the first day


Bigg Boss 13 has created a ruckus in its debut. On the first day of the show, the contestants have come inside the house. But they do not have any cooking material yet. Mistress Amisha Patel’s entry in the show is going to happen today. Which will bring a fun task for all the family members on the first day. Also on the first day there is a fight between the contestants.

Read the live update of the show here. How was the first day of Bigg Boss 13? Siddharth is very upset that he is only staying in the kitchen for 24 hours.

Asim goes to sleep wearing a T-shirt. People interrupt them with this. Rashmi and Siddharth share beds together. At the same time, Paras shares Chhabra beds with Devolina and Aarti Singh. Paras and Siddharth Dey are seen harassing Asim. Koena goes and explains to Asim that she does not need to be afraid of people.

Queen will become a female contestant

Amisha Patel has come as the mistress of the house. The bathroom has a secret door. Every week a girl will become the queen of this bathroom. She can use this bathroom for herself. This will be explained further in the show.

Which task to get the kitchen items

Amisha has given a task to get food in the house. Where all the contestants have to pass the food items to each other. The more stuff it gets, the safer it will be for the kitchen. Remove the items from the box and pass each other through the mouth. Everyone found it very difficult to pass the egg through the mouth. Mahira and Rashmi Desai were very uncomfortable with this.

Happy to see kitchen items

Eventually everyone got a lot of kitchen stuff. Everyone was very happy to see the kitchen items. Interestingly, Aarti Singh teaches Siddharth Shukla how to make tea.

Fight of Paras Chhabra and Asim Riaz

Paras Chhabra and Asim are seen doing evil behind each other. Asim calls himself a boy from Kashmir through a song. Paras flare on it. Siddharth Dey also opposes taking the name of Kashmir. Paras says that this is India. Asim says that I am telling myself in front of people. There is no vote. Then there is a debate between Paras and Asim.

Lipstick will create ruckus

Amisha Patel danced in the pool late at night with an interesting entry task. Mistress wants to bring a game by name. The boys who do not do their job properly will be given a black heart. It starts with the first task. Mail contestants have to take off their shirts. The female contestant will write a first experience with lipstick on it. Female contestants choose Abu Malik and Azim for the first task.

Task to avoid black heart for mail contestants

Then Paras and Siddharth choose the female contestants. Both of them have their eyes closed and they have to hold hands and tell the name of the female contestant. Paras recognize Mahira’s hand. They win the task. Siddharth Dey loses. Then comes the turn of Siddharth Shukla and Asim. Those who have to walk wearing funny clothes. Amisha gives Siddharth Dey and Abu Malik the task of going to the pool to sing.

These two contestants got a black heart

After completing the task, Amisha Patel gives the black heart sign to Paras Chhabra and Asim. Both seem unhappy with this.


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