Big Boss 13 is moving towards its finale. In the coming time, many twists will be seen inside the show. Which is going to be quite interesting for the family along with the fans. Inside the show, some special contestant’s family members will take entry.

Meanwhile, in the episode of Weekend Ka War, another strong contender of the show dropped out. We are talking about Shefali Jariwala. Yes, Shefali had a special meeting with the filmbeat video team after coming out of the show.

Where he has opened many secrets between the battle of Aseem Riyar and Siddharth Shukla. Also told that Siddharth Shukla has been cheated inside the show. Let us know what Shefali Jariwala has said. Read full news in detail.

The boundless favor is in vain.

Shefali, I have made very good friends. I came out with a good experience. I cannot believe that they are the same Riyaz that I befriended. There is a 180 degree change in his nature. That favor is in despair. He has been abusive. Someone is offering it or provoking it. Or is this his true nature, I do not know. But this is not the limitless friendship that I had.

Aarti, a fixed deposit, was asked, what is your opinion on this?

The term fixed deposit was used in front of me. I did not tell anyone about it earlier. After Aseem spoke, the issue arose. You can understand what its thinking is. When Aarti asked me, I said that you should ask Rashmi. Rashmi and her gang associate it with friendship. They do not talk about anything positive. I think nobody wants to use it.

Is there a lot of ruckus on social media when pollen is called nalla?

I understand the feeling of pollen. She is a very protective husband. If anyone treats your wife like this, then the husband will get angry. He was very sad. The person who gave Asim the big news of his life that Himanshi is waiting for him outside, the same person will abuse you, it will hurt your heart. Any human will react in this way. If Aseem apologizes from the heart, I will definitely apologize.

Your opinion on Shahnaz and Aseem’s relationship with Siddharth?

Shehnaz has problems with every girl whom Siddhartha befriends. After the Arti, he started complaining to me too. I think he pokes infinitely. Siddharth loves Asim as his elder brother. Aseem pokes all day with his body language. They abuse in mute. Siddharth is more angry. Everyone’s patience is diminishing at home. In the case of regression both are same. It is on an infinite top to provide.

Is Siddharth and Shahnaz’s relationship very complicated?

I don’t like Shahnaz already. I have seen Siddharth very sad this time. Siddharth is deeply saddened by Shahnaz’s behavior. Shahnaz’s film this time is completely a flop. Siddharth gets hurt a lot due to Shahnaz’s nature.

Who do you see as the show’s winner and top 3 contestant?

Talking of Top 5, I see Rashmi and Aarti along with Aseem, Siddharth, Shehnaaz. On the other hand, Top 3 can only have Aseem, Siddharth and Shahnaz. The choice for the winner is Siddharth Shukla.


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