The story of Rashmi Desai and Arhaan is again taking a new turn. Where according to a detail leaked on social media, Arhan Khan has removed 1.5 million from Rashmi Desai’s account. All this has happened when she was living in Big Boss 13’s house. Rashmi had clearly stated that she would never meet Arhaan after she was taken out of Big Boss.

Both were about to get engaged in Big Boss’s house. But Salman Khan, in an episode, put the truth in front of Rashmi that Arhan Khan is married and has this child too.

After which Rashmi started thinking again about Arhaan. During Big Boss, Rashmi made it clear that she no longer wants to have a relationship with Arhan.

At the same time, due to the removal of millions from Rashmi’s account on social media, the fans are calling him a fraud and a thief. With this, #FraudArhaanKhan is trending on social media. There are many fans who are saying that Arhan should be sent to jail.

Arhaan’s first marriage and child.

Rashmi Desai was in the discussion about her relationship with Arhan Khan in Big Boss 13’s house. While both expressed their love here, Rashmi also decided to separate from Arhaan in the midst of getting married. Arhaan’s first marriage and child were revealed to the whole world.

Arhan removed millions from Rashmi’s account

It is reported that in the absence of Rashmi Desai millions have been removed from her account. This work has been done by Arhan Khan. Rashmi Desai’s bank statement is being claimed to have been leaked on social media, shared by Rashmi’s fans.

Arhan cheated with Rashmi Desai

During this stentment, Arhan Khan has withdrawn millions of rupees from Rashmi Desai’s account. She has done this when she was inside the Big Boss house.

Name Shivani Ajay Kumar Desai on bank statement

However, no truth about this bank statement has been revealed so far. Also, no statement has been made on behalf of Rashmi. By the way, tell us that the name Shivani Ajay Kumar Desai is written on this bank statement. Rashmi’s real name is being reported to Shivani.

Fans said Arhaan is a thief

With this, #FraudArhaanKhan is trending on social media. Rashmi’s fans are clearly saying that Arhan will have to return her money. Along with this, they are also being called thieves.

Savings also start spending

It is believed that after Rashmi Desai’s big boss Arhan has misused her money. Their savings have also started spending. He also lives at Rashmi Desai’s house.

Rashmi’s divorce and then Arhan cheated

Significantly, Rashmi Desai married Nandish Sandhu in the year 2012. Both were married for three years. The two separated in the year 2015. Both have also appeared together in Nach Baliye. The reason for the divorce of both is said to be close with a model of Nandish.

Devolina said go and ask Salman the cheater

Devolina Bhattacharjee has tweeted this and said that it is heard that Ramlal has asked for proof that he is a fraud. Why doesn’t he go and ask Salman sir this thing. One took up so much money is threatening. # Bloodycoward. ”


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