Soon after the news became viral, Kangana Ranaut has not filed any statement even after sending several reminders from the police in Aditya Pancholi case case. However, now Kangana Ranaut’s sister, Rangoli, responded to this news on Twitter and wrote that this is a false rumor. The statements have been lodged. PR of Aditya Pancholi keep a little cold … what is going to be too early to go to jail.

Let me tell you, Kangana Ranaut and her sister Rangoli had filed a case accusing Aditya Pancholi of assault and exploitation. At the same time, Aditya Pancholi had lodged a complaint against Kangna Ranaut that he was threatened by Kangana’s lawyer for lodging a false case against Rape.About this, Aditya Pancholi released a video which allegedly was threatened.

In the video Kangana’s lawyer Rizwan Siddiqui threatened to implicate Aditya Pancholi and his wife Zarina Wahab in a fake rape case. However, Kangana’s sister later told the whole video to be falsely and tweeted that Rizwan is like a brother of Aditya Pancholi, like the brother of Zarina Wahab, and the artist has not been given any such threat.

Kangana Ranaut- Aditya Pancholi Case

In an interview last year, Kangana Ranaut had made several disclosures about Aditya Pancholi. All of which were astonished. After that Aditya Pancholi also gave an interview and had put forth many things against Kangana.

Kangana napotism has been released

Aditya had said that he talks of naipotism. He himself has come into the industry through his own nepotism. He has no right to talk about napotism because if I was not, then who sent him to Mahesh Bhatt?

Did this ever stand in line?

“If I could not make a photo shoot, could I make photoshop by jatin kappi? Has it ever been standing in long lines for audition? ”

I forwarded photos

 “I sent her photos to Rajesh Grover and talked about getting work for him. He (Rajesh Grover) said that you sent the picture on time because Bhatt Saab is looking for a girl for a movie. The film’s hero is Imran Hashmi, who is directing Anurag Basu. “That film was Gangster.

Film due to me because of the movie.

“Grover sent his photographs to Bhatt Saab. He liked his photos and they wanted to meet him. Rajesh Grover took him and he got Anurag Basu too. It says, I was giving audition of Coffee Aid and after the audition, with the second model Bhatt went to Saban’s office. It is a complete lie. You can ask this thing yourself Bhatt Saab and Rajesh Grover. “

I did not plan anything

”I do not think so. That was a time. I did not plan anything You do not think of love anymore..If it just happens. He had met me on the road, outside the KFC on the Liking Road. The building was built by my friend Sudhakar Shetty. He kept calling me for three months but I did not meet him.

Then I got it for the first time.

Then three months later he called me and said that in JW Marriott, I am with Kamlesh ji. Then I met him for the first time and even after meeting, our affair did not start. We used to hang out in the bus group.

Just fell in love

One day I looked towards him and I felt special. And what I am saying is telling the truth. I am not a saint, I am a human being. I have flaws and there are some goodies. For the whole six months I have never seen him with that look. That’s just done.

As soon as the gangster was released …

 “The day the gangster was released, it changed, I did not believe that this is the same girl, she was a very lovely girl before the film’s release.” I met her, she has no regrets about me. I am a heart, I’m not angry. If you can not praise then it is okay, I never wanted to take credit for him, but he can not speak against nyotism because he gave the break in the industry which was already Was Dnstry and that person was Aditya Pancholi. “

Made a mistake with the wife!

 “I am quite sorry for this. I did wrong with him. I have also apologized to Zarina several times. I am grateful that he understood me and gave me a place again in my life. “

Kangana strikes!

Aditya had said that it was not … It has never happened. If it is so, then prove it. Do not insult me. If she is talking about Rangoli, then she will accompany her only because she is her sister. If Rangoli was in place of me, then I would do the same.


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