Film – Mimi
Starcast – Kriti Sanon, Pankaj Tripathi, Sai Tamhankar, Supriya Pathak, Manoj Pahwa and more
Other Directors – Laxman Utekar Platforms – Netflix, Jio Cinema
Duration – 2 hrs 12 mins

For a long time, the film ‘Mimi’ starring Kriti Sanon was in the news. The film was supposed to release on 30 July 2021 but it got leaked online on the morning of 26 July. Due to this, in a hurry, the makers released it online on the evening of 26 July. The film is made on the issue of surrogacy. There was a time when India had become a haven for surrogacy for western countries and surrogacy became a business here. In ‘Mimi’, an attempt has been made to show this issue in a slightly emotional way.

Mimi’s story

There is not much play or twist in Mimi’s story. The story of the film is the same as in many films, the story of a girl with big dreams in a small town. Mimi’s story is also the same. She wants to go to Mumbai, wants to establish her dream world in Mayanagari, but as expensive as that world is, the cost of fulfilling those dreams is as expensive. After that Mimi is ready to get that price at any cost. Because every cost is small to make dreams come true. The price of Mimi’s dreams is her womb.


If we talk about acting, then everyone has presented acting in a very good way. The praise of Pankaj Tripathi in the film will again be less. Pankaj has been seen overshadowing everyone due to his acting in the film. On the other hand, if we talk about Kriti in the film, the actress has acted very well. Kriti has dominated the role of a mother’s pain and a troubled girl. All the other stars have also acted very well.

Movie plot

Bhanu (Pankaj Tripathi) helps Mimi to fulfill her dreams. In his language, he is the caretaker of Mimi’s dreams. Bhanu also has his own dreams which are expensive and Mimi – Bhanu together when the songs playing on the radio in taxi, the whole thing is that Bhaiya is happy to hear Bada Bada Rupaiya, then only this movie will give you an idea of ​​the situation ahead. Will give a small glimpse. Because if money could really easily give happiness, then there would not be so much sorrow in the world.

what to see what not

If we talk about the film, then it is a full package film. Good work has been done on music, acting, everyone in the film. The film will make you laugh and cry too. Along with this, if you are a fan of Pankaj Tripathi, then this film is definitely for you. On the other hand, if we talk about the week points of the film, then after the second half, you will start understanding the story of the whole film.



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